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Let's Talk Serums & What's In Them !

Let's Talk Serums & What's In Them !

Let's talk serums ! Why they are essential for everyday use, why they need to have minimal ingredients, and why all hair care companies are crazy about them !

A good serum will have minimal ingredients in it, so that the organic oils and nutrients can really take affect and shine throughout your hair. Many different companies have their own serums as part of their hair care line, but do you know what's really in them ? Make sure you have a read of the ingredients and avoid the following:

1. CI 47000 (yellow) is used in spirit lacquers, polystyrene, polycarbonates, polyamides, acrylic resins, and to colour hydrocarbon solvents. It is also used in externally applied drugs and cosmetics.


2. CI 26100 (red 17) is described as reddish brown crystals and is used as a colouring agent in cosmetics and personal care products. Red 17 is used in the formulation of bath products, cleansing products, colognes and fragrances, hair conditioners, hair wave sets, makeup, nail products, and skin care products. Red 17 is subject to certification by the Food and Drug Administration.


3. Multiple fragrances added can leave the hair feeling dry. Usually at the end of the ingredients list it will say 'fragrance', and if the product already has a strong ingredients such as: lavender, jasmine, rosemary etc, in it, then this can cause a fragrance overload. 


4. Multiple essential oils or organic certified oils. A little goes a long way, and if the products you use have a heavy amount of ingredients and oils, this can leave a heavy feel to your hair throughout the day.



In our personal opinion, a little goes a long way. So by adding too many oils, or too many fragrances and overpowering scents, the serum will not work to it's required potential. Or will be a bandaid fix ! By adding an artificial colour such as CI 47000 (yellow) oCI 26100 (red 17) to any hair care products, is stemming away from their natural look. Without preservatives and an overload of ingredients, all organic oils and seeds have a beautiful colour. If colour has to be added, you may want to challenge the company with 'how natural is this product'? This is something we are certain to never do at Kus Culture, as our Jojoba Oil is golden with no added colours or fragrances.  

The right serum is essential for everyday use because it will seal and protect your hair whilst nourishing it. We look after our hair with our shampoo's and conditioner's, but our hair is dry and exposed for the majority of the day, and this is where a serum comes in to play. 

These are our essential hair care serums. Find out what's right for you and start your journey with us ! 


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Cassy x

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