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Men VS Hair Care !

Men VS Hair Care !

Gentlemen, this one's for you ! To all of our regular readers, grab your brother, son, hubby, partner... any man who needs to hear this! In this write up we will go through the difference between female and male hair, hair loss preventions and hair care.

Now it may come as a shock to you, but men's and women's head hair actually grows the same. There is no difference with growth what-so-ever ! The growth compounds are exactly the same for head hair, and they differ for body hair. So this alone makes you wonder why men don't invest more into their hair and hair care like women do. Is it because they don't invest, or are investing in the wrong products that we see faster hair loss with men ? Hmm...

It seems to be highly common for men to loose their hair at a younger age than women, this has got to do with genes. It's triggered from the genes you take on from your parents. A chemical naturally produced in a man's body called DHT is a common contributor to hair loss in men, and when paired with testosterone, enhances chances of hair loss. 

So again, should men be paying more attention to the hair care they use? Or need to start using? WE VOTE YES !  There are no negatives in investing in your daily hair care routine, only positives ! So blokes why not give it a shot!

Treatments to minimise hair loss for men:

1. Are you getting enough nutrition?

While diet on its own won't save you from hair loss, there may be something in the age old saying; 'you are what you eat'! Skipping out on foods that contain vitamin B can interfere with the formation of hair cells, and therefore hair growth. 

Vitamin B foods include: chicken, fish, eggs, pork and leafy greens such as spinach.

2. Are you using the right products in the shower?

Shampoo? Conditioner? These might only be products that your partner or sister have sitting at the bottom of the shower, however have you considered the benefits they will bring to your hair too? Having a good shampoo free of sulphates and parabens will help lift the dirt and dead skin off your scalp, which will aid in new hair growth. Try out a nourishing conditioner every so often to bring the moisture back into your ends.

3. Ever had a scalp massage?

Now this is a proper 'treat-yoself' step that we highly recommend ;) We've preached this to your ladies, and now it's your turn to hear. By having regular scalp massages, your hair and blood vessels are stimulated to grow. Add a serum to your scalp to help boost this procedure ! So ask your gal pals, or head on over to your local massage joint, and get your hair to grow baby grow.

4. Are you protecting your hair daily?

We bet you've never thought of this one before ;) But it's time to start thinking of what you can add to your morning routine that's effortless and lasting. A couple of pumps of natural hair serum can make all the difference. 

Hot Tip: We actually have amazing hair serums that will nourish and protect your hair all day long... not to mention this would be great for tip 3 as well ;) 

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