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Our Three Easy Steps // Product Use

Our Three Easy Steps // Product Use

We have launched the perfect finishing product with the ideal tools to get the best results !

This video shows the easy three steps that Cassy does daily, to keep her hair on track. By doing these steps for over a year now, she's enhanced her hair growth and hair health. 


Step One: Tangle Tamer

Starting from the ends and working your way up, getting rid of all unruly knots and tangles, without breakage.

Step Two: Hair Care Serum

Apply the serum from mid to ends of your hair, and any excess can go into your roots.

Step Three: Wooden Comb

Using our hand crafted Neem wood comb, spread the serum through your hair with ease. Also starting from your ends and woking your way up.


It's honestly as simple as that ! So give it a try for 30 full day's, and if you're not satisfied, then you can get your money back !! Read our Shipping & Returns for all the details and shop the kits right here.

Insta: @kusculture

Facebook: KusCulture

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