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The Tool Kit

The Tool Kit

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Why the TOOL KIT is remarkable 

About this kit:

This kit includes all the “tools” a Hair Lover needs to keep their hair routine healthier than ever with locks nourished and frizz free!

In this kit:

✔️ Scalp Scrubber x1

✔️ Microfibre Hair Towel x1 – Beige

✔️ Bamboo Paddle Brush x1


Scalp Scrubber:

  • Clears and cleans product build-up.
  • Promotes a healthy scalp.
  • Stimulates blood flow/circulation for hair growth.

Microfibre Hair Towel: 

  • Dries hair quickly and easily, compared to ordinary cotton towels.
  • Minimises hair friction that can lead to hair damage. 
  • Helps to decrease frizz and fly-aways.

Bamboo Paddle Brush:

  • Detangler
  • Scalp Stimulator
  • Creates a long-lasting shine, softness, and smoothness.


  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Safe for coloured, bleached & chemically treated hair.
  • Australian owned, made and scientifically formulated.


  1. Exfoliate and remove build-up with the Scalp Scrubber.
    • Apply your hair product directly onto hair or onto the scalp scrubber, and then distribute it throughout the hair.
    • While holding the scalp scrubber in your palm, gently press the tips to the scalp and massage slowly in very small circular motions for a few minutes. Apply pressure to your liking. 
    • Repeat on all areas of the scalp. Avoid large circular motions to prevent tangling.
  2. After rinsing your hair, dry with no damage using your Microfibre Hair Towel.
    • Tip your head and hair forward holding the towel in both hands with the button facing upwards, positioning the towel around the back of your head until the towel is fully covering your hair.
    • Gather all your hair inside the towel, twisting the front section into a coil, then bring the twist round to the nape of your neck and loop the elastic around the button.
  3. Create a long-lasting shine with the Bamboo Paddle Brush.
    • For detangling - perfect for gently detangling thick dry hair, creating a smooth finish without static. Take sections of your hair and gently brush the tangles from the ends working your way up to the roots. Repeat until all your hair is detangled.
    • For smoothing - blow dry your hair until about 80% -90% dry. Then use your paddle brush to finish drying your hair smooth.


Have questions about the Scalp Scrubber?

See FAQs here.

Have questions about the Microfibre Hair Towel?

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Have questions about the Bamboo Paddle Brush?

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