the story

It’s always good to put a face to the name!

Hi I’m Cassy, founder of Kus Culture hair care. I’ve always loved hair. I’ve always been passionate about having ‘good looking’ hair. However, it wasn’t until around 2016 I really started investing in good ingredients and healthy hair techniques.

When I was younger, having good looking hair was all the rage.. (well for me anyway)! I went from brass blonde, to white blonde with extensions, to black, to Rhianna red, to black, to balayage, to brown and then finally settled on black again. To say my hair has gotten to know a salon sink, is an understatement. If I’m being truly honest, it’s also seen many home dyes too!

As I grew older I realised that having good looking hair, wasn’t always healthy hair. Clearly in my case I needed to really calm down with my crazy cuts and colours and look into some good products and techniques to get my hair to where I always wanted it to be… long and healthy!

In 2016 I started playing around with different organic oils for my ends to try mend the damage I’d done over the years. After a lovely 3-month trip to Europe and still taking care of my hair, I came back with thicker and better-looking hair than ever. It wasn’t until my friends, family and even strangers started complimenting me constantly on my hair, that I thought ‘wow I need to make something from this, because I want more people to feel this amazing.’

In 2017 I started my hair care company with one main goal, and that is to make people feel amazing with the hair on their heads. I want to enhance natural hair beauty and eliminate nasties in our care products that are unnecessary. As our brand and product line grows everyday, I’m thankful for the new faces (and hairs) joining our Kus Fam!   


What’s in the name?

“When talking about my brand Kus Culture, people always ask me where the name came from. It’s a funny story because I spent weeks racking my brain for the perfect name, and my partner came up with a play on my last name ‘kus-kus’ (said as couscous) short for Markus. At the time I brushed it off, because I knew he was making fun of me... but after another week or so just the single Kus grew on me.

I spent a lot of time pondering on different brand names to go with Kus, and came up with Culture, because I feel that what I'm creating isn't just your average hair care line or a faze.. it's a hair care culture. A culture that is easy to be a part of and embrace. 

Hence now we have Kus Culture.”

- Cassy