Hair Serum - Jojoba & Sunflower


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Hair Serum - Jojoba & Sunflower
Hair Serum - Jojoba & Sunflower


This finishing serum is perfect for repairing damage caused by our harsh sun and UV, by creating a protective seal from roots to tips, preventing split ends; leaving you with thicker, more lush hair. It protects the hair from colour washout, humidity damage and slows down hair ageing. The sunflower oil infused in this serum is both proactive and reactive with sun damaged hair. You don’t need to have dry ends for it to work its magic on you, as it’s a fantastic protector before the damage is even done. It’s also the perfect tool to take on any holiday where your hair may be exposed to different climates.


- Can help hair cells to reproduce themselves

- Acts like a cleanser down each strand of hair

- Has therapeutic properties that protect hair health

- Improves damaged hair

- Prevents moisture loss

- Balances sebum (scalp oil) to a healthy level

Our serums provide a natural shine, that protects your hair from all the elements and enhances growth! With its long-lasting nourishment, this serum works to reduce split ends, and bring your hair back to life.


Jojoba Oil Golden, Isohexadecane, Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Aloe Vera Extract, Sunflower Oil


Hair Serum - Jojoba & Sunflower
Hair Serum - Jojoba & Sunflower