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The Duo Kit

The best way to get your hair back on track, and maintaining health, is to get your hands on this fabulous duo! Our famous Jojoba Oil Hair Care Serums have teamed up with our newest edition Heat Protect Spray.


✔️ Heat Protect Spray

✔️ Jojoba infused serum  Jojoba w/ Mint 


1. Spritz a bit of our Heat Protect Spray into wet hair before blow drying, and dry hair before using any heat tools. Our heat protection spray is perfect for daily use to help get the look you want, without causing damage to your locks. 

2. Once your hair is styled, pump a bit of our Hair Care Serum into your palms and run it through your ends. Spread any excess over your roots. This will keep your ends hydrated throughout the day, and protected from all the elements!

3. Enjoy watching your hair flourish with the duo care !


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