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Mums: dealing with postpartum hair loss!

Mums: dealing with postpartum hair loss!

Becoming a first, second, or even third time mum opens up a world of new surprises every single time. Your days are dependant on your little one, not to mention how much sleep you get, what / when you eat, and outings are limited. 

Rather than telling you what a number of people no doubt already have: get some fresh air, have a nap, have some 'me-time'. We understand that this isn't always possible and not applicable for every new mummy. So we wanted to give you some solutions and at home routines you can add into your new routine with bub!

What is postpartum hair loss ?

For many women with newborn babies, hair loss is evident generally for the first three months after giving birth. In some cases it can be quite dramatic, and others very minimal. MOST importantly it's entirely normal ! It's common for hair to go back to growing and malting normally six to twelve months after giving birth. 

Why does it occur ?

In the most simplest way to explain... hormones ! The rise in hormones during pregnancy keeps you from losing your hair. After giving birth, the hormones return to normal levels, which allows the hair to fall out and return to the normal cycle. This is why new mums are experiencing mass hair loss, but just remember you're not alone, and it's common! 

When will postpartum hair loss stop ?

For most new mums hair loss will slow between six to twelve months after giving birth. Your hormone levels should be back to normal around baby's first year and this is when hair loss should go back to normal as well. That being said, if you are experiencing a lot of hair loss after twelve months, we recommend you see your doctor or a dermatologist. 

What can I do during this time to keep my hair, and get it growing again ?

The good news is even though you feel you have no 'me-time' when baby comes... you actually have some decent time to yourself before hand, right! So this is where you'll need to do some of your finest work to be proactive with your coming hair loss. 


This is where you will get the most amount of 'me-time' before your gorgeous baby comes into your world (and your routine). It's important to take time to yourself, and get your hair and scalp stimulated. 

1. Getting a head massage is known to stimulate hair growth and by massaging the scalp while pregnant, can act as a reminder to your hormones that they need to shed some hair and not hold on so tightly. We recommend kicking it up a notch and using a hair serum in your roots (do this on a hair wash day), to get the best stimulation between scalp and hair oils. 

Try this with our Jojoba & Mint hair serum

2.  The perfect 'me-time' remedy is to get out get some fresh air and destress ! It's not so easy when baby comes, but before hand make sure that you have time to yourself to clear your mind, open your body and cleanse your soul. Go for a walk, do some pregnancy stretches, and maybe try meditating. Decluttering your mind will not only help baby, but it's known to help all aspects of your body including your hair !


Time can be limited we know, so lucky you had some pre-baby time to yourself and you're ready for the next life challenge! Again it's important to remember that it's extremely common for postpartum hair loss to occur. So when it does happen we just need to ride the wave, and we have some tips to help you in the really testing times. 

1. Take care of your hair. When you shower, make sure you're using correct shampoo's and conditioner's with no sulphates, no added nasties ! After showering use a hair care serum to nourish your ends in wet or dry hair because who knows when you'll be washing your locks again (hehe)!

2. Fuel your body correctly. Having a healthy diet is a really big part of stabilising your hormones, and getting your body the nutrients that it needs. Carbs are you body's preferred source of energy for growing and replacing cells. Having lots of varieties of complex carbs like brown/ wild rice, quinoa, legumes, sweet potato, oat and wholegrain bread and pasta varieties will aid in your hair growth. Start cooking! We should also mention that now more than ever having a good balance of daily fruit and veggies are essential. 

3. Scalp massages. These are important before and after pregnancy to maintain cycle stimulation. Before giving birth it's more vital to stimulate your scalp and hair oils and generate a some-what normal balance. However now that baby is here, it's equally important to keep up this routine as much as possible to get your hair growing at a normal rate after hair loss. 

4. Hair care is truely your BFF (other than bub of course) in getting your hair growing back healthy. It's good to be set up with the right tools to make this happen; such as a silk pillow, micro fibre towel, hair serums and protectant sprays for those days when you're out and about! For more info on these, have a scroll through our blog about frizz free hair. 

Good luck queen! And remember postpartum hair loss is very normal :) 


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