Kus Culture® is an Australian based business, established in 2017 by owner and founder Cassy (Markus) Perrin. In the background, the family team includes mum the bookkeeper/researcher, and dad the operations/warehouse manager.

Using her own luscious locks, Cassy had many years experimenting with which ingredients do and do not 'work' on her hair. This grew the passion to create her own hair-care range, which eventuated in knowing exactly what to both include and exclude in her products when establishing her business - nothing can beat hands-on experimentation (on ones-self) to learn and know what to create, produce and promote.


Kus Culture's mission is to empower people in Australia and the world, with hair confidence...the kind you only get when experiencing an amazing hair day...every day. As Kus grows its product range and community, its core values of quality and customer satisfaction will always remain unchanged.

Kus Culture is proud to be vegan and cruelty-free and pleased to ensure that ingredients in products are chosen specifically to ensure the efficacy of each individual product - what works in one does not work in another - so Kus Culture will establish these points of differences to ensure they have the best and most effective products in their range.

Kus Culture's commitment to its customers is to continue to create, produce and promote an Australian made, vegan, cruelty-free haircare line using a minimal number of ingredients that are also either mostly organic and/or naturally derived, and are sourced from the best in the market.

  • Sulphate & Paraben Free

  • Original Formulas

  • Australian Made

  • Cruelty Free & Vegan

We proudly create our own formulas and are made in Australia! Why is this important to us? For Kus, being an all Australia brand means a few things...

  • It means we can work with other Aussies and keep jobs in our country.
  • It means that we have full control over what goes into each of our products.
  • It means our products are thoroughly executed to perfection!

We have specifically chosen a manufacturer that is QLD based (because we are too), and that is Organically Certified. This is key because we know that all of the ingredients we choose will be mostly organic or naturally derived, making our hair care salon quality, amazing for your hair (of course) and environmentally friendly! We also ensure that all of our hair products go through the applicably required testing phases and obtain the necessary Aussie approvals/certifications.