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Kus Culture

Hydrate Shampoo

Hydrate Shampoo

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The Kus Culture® Hydrate Shampoo is a gentle cleansing shampoo, formulated to deliver hydration and replenish moisturise in all hair types and colours. Gentle cleansers are used to remove build up, Organic Jojoba to control frizz and moisturise dry ends, and Organic Aloe, with its’ vitamins A, C & E, for nourishment and strength. Natural Apple fruit and Grape seed extracts used to provide hydration and shine, and Panthenol Provitamin B5 for ultimate hydration and strength. Keep your hair healthy, hydrated and deeply cleansed with this 500 ml bottle of lathering goodness.


Main Benefits

  • Gentle plant/naturally derived cleansers penetrate beneath hair cuticle.
  • Provides hydration and sebum balance.
  • Nourishment to help style and manage hair and reduce frizz.
  • Strengthens, conditions, provides moisture.
  • Helps improve/repair/protect scalp health.
  • Creates a long-lasting shine and softness.

Hero Ingredients

  • Jojoba oil – conditions, strengthens, provides softness & shine, hydrates each hair cuticle by locking in moisture.
  • Aloe Juice – with its vitamins A, C & E, helps hydrate, strengthen, repair, condition and define. 
  • Betaine – increase hydration, strength, condition, frizz control, and scalp protection.
  • Hydrolysed Quinoa – helps enhance colour retention and improve style and body.
  • Apple & Grapeseed Extracts – provide hydration and shine.
  • See full list below - * Organic, ** Naturally or Plant Derived, *** Mild Preservative (Approved for use in Organic/Natural Formulas)


  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • Safe for coloured, bleached & chemically treated hair.
  • Silicone-free, sulphate-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly formula.
  • Australian owned, made and scientifically formulated.


  • Apply a small amount of shampoo into your palm, lather then massage into your wet hair and scalp, using circular motions to stimulate hair growth and activate cleansing. 
  • Rinse thoroughly and repeat. This ensures hair and scalp are thoroughly cleansed and the shampoo imparts all its nourishment.
  • Follow up with the Kus Culture® Hydrate Conditioner.


What hair type is the shampoo suitable for?

Our shampoo is suitable for all hair types and colours.

How often should I use the shampoo?

  • This all depends on your hair type and product build up.
  • Some people wash their hair daily, others once a week, and anything else in between.
  • Our shampoo is gentle enough to be used daily if desired.

How much shampoo should I use on my hair?

  • How much you use will depend on the density, porosity, and length of your hair and also the level of any styling products in your hair.
  • On average 1-2 pumps for fine hair, 2-3 for medium hair and 3-4 for thick hair.

Should I “double-shampoo” my hair?

  • Yes.
  • Double-shampoo refers to the process of cleansing your hair twice in the same routine -
  • the first shampoo helps remove dirt and oil by breaking it down,
  • and the second shampoo helps to completely remove it to ensure the nourishing benefits of the shampoo are imparted in your hair and scalp.

Will the shampoo make my hair dry and knotty?

  • Not at all.
  • The shampoo has been formulated to deeply clean with gentle and conditioning cleansers, to penetrate the hair strands and not just the surface, to leave your hair feeling clean and hydrated.

More FAQs?

See more FAQs here.


Individual results will vary from person to person. Results displayed on our site are not guaranteed as everyone’s hair type, conditions and circumstances are unique, so will vary the outcome for results. 

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