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Kus Culture

Kus Curls | Curl Cream

Kus Curls | Curl Cream

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Why Kus Curls is remarkable 

The Kus Culture® Kus Curls is a defining leave-in cream that defines, hydrates, reduces frizz and holds curls without weighing them down. Our feather-light formula is infused with natural butters and oils to condition and style your hair. We blended our hero Jojoba Oil with other oils and butters for nourishment and shine, added Aloe, Chamomile and Marshmallow for conditioning, and topped up with Betaine & Saccharide Isomerate for hydration, repair, and curl retention. Kus Curls simply has everything your curls require for a long-lasting style. It’s a 150ml tube of magic for curl definition!


Main Benefits

  • Leave-in treatment enhances natural curls by promoting curl definition.
  • Provides curl retention and controls fly aways and curl frizz.
  • Soft hold, lightweight, no-crunch cream, does not weigh hair down.
  • Adds nourishment, shine, conditioning.
  • Promotes strengthening and hydration.
  • Non-greasy, non-sticky formulation.

Hero Ingredients

  • Jojoba oil – conditions, strengthens, provides softness & shine, hydrates each hair cuticle by locking in moisture.
  • Aloe Juice – with its vitamins A, C & E, helps hydrate, strengthen, repair, condition and define. 
  • Betaine – increase hydration, improves strength, silkiness, and curl retention.
  • Coconut Oil – adds shine and softness, prevents hair dryness, promotes scalp health.
  • Prickly Pear & Raspberry Oil – provide nourishment and shine.
  • See full list below - * Organic, ** Naturally or Plant Derived, *** Mild Preservative (Approved for use in Organic/Natural Formulas).


  • Suitable for all curly/wavy hair types.
  • Safe for coloured, bleached & chemically treated hair.
  • Silicone-free, sulphate-free, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly formula.
  • Australian owned, made and scientifically formulated.


  • Apply evenly to clean wet hair. Use your fingers to spread, scrunch and twist curls. 
  • Then air dry or blow dry with a diffuser to add volume and curl definition.
  • TIP: Use a small amount on “refresh “days to redefine and style curls.


Should I use Kus Curls on wet or dry hair?

Preferably wet hair to achieve best results.

How do I use the Kus Curls cream?

  • Apply to palms and distribute evenly over clean wet hair, avoiding the roots. Use your preferred personal technique such as raking, praying hands, scrunching etc to distribute. Then either let hair air dry or blow dry with a diffuser to add volume and curl definition. 
  • Use as a ‘refresh’ on non-wash days. So, add a small amount to a water spray bottle with water, spray the mixture to the desired parts of your hair that need to be controlled and then let the curls air dry or dry with a diffuser on low heat.

How much should I apply?

This will depend on your hair type, curl type and hair length – as a Curly haired person best thing is to experiment with what best suits your needs.

Can I use Kus Curls daily?

Yes, use a small amount on ‘refresh’ (non-wash) days to redefine and style your curls.

Will the Kus Curls make my hair greasy, sticky, or hard?


More FAQs?

See more FAQs here.


Individual results will vary from person to person. Results displayed on our site are not guaranteed as everyone’s hair type, conditions and circumstances are unique, so will vary the outcome for results.

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