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Kus Culture

Bamboo Paddle Brush

Bamboo Paddle Brush

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Why the Bamboo Paddle Brush is remarkable 

The Kus Culture® Bamboo Paddle Brush is crafted for ultimate hair health maintenance.

With a strong handle, rubber cushioning and gentle bristles, your scalp will be stimulated and gently massaged as your brush glides through your hair. Massaging the scalp increases sebum production and blood flow to the area, which creates softer, stronger, and shinier hair. 



  • Detangler.
  • Scalp Stimulator.
  • Creates a long-lasting shine, softness, and smoothness.


  • For detangling - perfect for gently detangling thick dry hair, creating a smooth finish without static. Take sections of your hair and gently brush the tangles from the ends working your way up to the roots. Repeat until all your hair is detangled.
  • For smoothing - blow dry your hair until about 80% -90% dry. Then use your paddle brush to finish drying your hair smooth.


What hair type is the Bamboo Paddle Brush best suited to?

Best suited for long, longer, thick, thicker, straight hair types.

I have curly hair, should I use this brush?

Yes, as a wet hair detangler if that is your chosen method.

What materials is the brush made of?

Bamboo handle and bristles, rubber cushioning.

Why is there a missing bristle on my brush?

A bristle has been purposely removed to ensure the cushioning can release air whilst you are using the brush.

How do I clean my brush?

  • Once a month, wash the paddle brush with shampoo and warm water.
  • Use a designated toothbrush to gently lift any residual build-up on the cushion or the bristles if necessary.
  • Rinse off and gently shake off excess water
  • Let your brush air dry on a clean hand towel.

More FAQs?

See more FAQs here.


Individual results will vary from person to person. Results displayed on our site are not guaranteed as everyone’s hair type, conditions and circumstances are unique, so will vary the outcome for results. 

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