10 hair myths we shouldn't listen to !

10 hair myths we shouldn't listen to !

We've heard them all, tips, tricks and hair hack solutions to make your hair longer, thicker and healthier. But with so many products, tools, and online tutorials, it's time to stomp out those myths and get down to facts!

You're not alone if you've found yourself face-palming for some of the below hair myths. The fact is, so many of these hair care 'solutions' have been around for much longer than our mama's, and will continue to be unless we stop the cycle. 

MYTH #1 - Cutting your hair more often, makes it grow faster.

Because of this myth, as a kid you thought your hair grew from it's ends and not roots ?? KIDDING... Probably the biggest myth out there! Hair grows from the follicles found in the scalp, therefore cutting the hair strands has nothing to do with the root from which they grow. Hair follicles are linked to genetics. So yes some people have thicker hair than others, it can be improved with products. Cutting your hair strands will get rid of dead and split ends, however if you're using the correct products that help nourish your locks, you don't need to get trims often. 

MYTH #2 - Wash your hair with cold water.

Well this would be very uncomfortable for us ladies who like to defrost in the shower during the colder months! However having the water too cold won't get the conditioner out properly, and having the water too hot will strip your hair of it's natural oils (sebum). So aim for a warm temp and you'll be safe !

MYTH #3 - Wash your hair often.

Mistake honey! A full shampoo and conditioner routine should be done 2-3 times a week depending on your hair type and lifestyle. This is enough to nourish the scalp and clean your hair. Washing your hair everyday or too much strips it from it's natural oils, and can dry your ends out fast. Make sure when you do wash your hair that during conditioning, you massage your scalp in circular motions to stimulate your hair follicles for growth. 

MYTH #4 - Dry shampoo is the same as regular shampoo.

While we like to use some dry shampoo between wash days, it's no where near the same as regular shampoo. All it does is soak up any excess oils and products that linger around your scalp. Don't use this too regularly. 

MYTH #5 - Using the same products all the time will lose their effect.

Finding the right products for your hair can be a tricky game with lots of trial and errors. However there is no proof that when you do find the right ones your hair will 'get used to them' and stop flourishing from them. Yes it's great to switch it up here and there, but don't feel like you need to for the sake of here-say. 

MYTH #6 - Split ends can be repaired.

Despite what some products and companies may say, split ends cannot be repaired. The only way to get rid of these nasties is with a chop because they spread up your hair strands. Read up on some of our hair tips to grow and nourish your hair, which will prevent split ends. 

MYTH #7 - Sleeping with your hair out makes it grow.

While this is comfy, depending on your pillow and length of hair, it can cause more harm than good. If your hair is longer than your mid back, it can cause more knotting and breakage during your sleep. If you have a cotton pillow, loose hair can cause some serious friction, leading to breakage in the long-term. Best to invest in a satin pillow case, and if your hair is a bit on the longer side, it's all good to wear it in a loose wrap or pony. 

MYTH #8 - Dandruff signifies a dry scalp.

This ones a mind-blower! We associate flakes with dryness, however dandruff is caused by a type of yeast that overgrows in an oily environment. Dandruff is your body's reaction to that yeast. If you haven't already, switch up your shampoo until you find the right one that can properly clean your scalp in washes.

MYTH #9 - Sudsy shampoos clean your hair better.

Do we really know what we're using in our washes ? The answer should be YES! Shampoos don't necessarily need to lather to get the job done. The foaming agent added to many shampoos, sulphate, can fade your colour quicker if you dye your hair. Try a shampoo without sulphates. 

MYTH #10 - Oils are a no-go if your hair is greasy.

Only if applied directly to the scalp. Oils and serums should always be applied to your ends and mid strands, then combed through to make sure the spread is even. This will actually help nourish your hair and prevent split ends. 

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I cannot believe some of the things I thought were true.. holllyyyyyyy !
Will be spreading the word !! Myth 8 had me stumped !

Leanne x


Great reminder of what not to do !
Thanks again Kus, love it all 👍😊

Kerrie H

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